Travel like a real local is healing

Travel like a real local is healing

Traveling as a local sound simple enough, but can be difficult to implement. Most independent visitors certainly had a trip that would be surrounded by other individuals in their country, even though they were far away. Or they may not have understood where the “real” locals went and became eternal outsiders everywhere.

How can we find a secret entrance to a truly local indigenous experience? We’ve found great opportunities both for tour operators and for self-booking ways to travel like a local and sometimes a combination of the two.

Local-only approach to guided tours Many tour guide amenities has emerged to provide you with a more intimate and unique “guided experience”. Same country.

A closer inspection of the ToursByLocals website found that your guide was about as stressed as the journey he or she led. In metropolitan areas where a large number of guides are available, you can predetermine the spirit and focus of your guide’s journey with your own explanation of the guide’s background and type of tour.

Airbnb’s accommodation site has also recently jumped into the tour space with a new item experience. So far, the offer is somewhat limited, but it sounds interesting. Learn the art of ancient pottery in Tokyo or explore the music scene of a local singer and Havana.

VRBO, Airbnb, HomeAway, and other vacation rental locations offer interesting opportunities to travel like a local. For example, instead of being confined to a commercial/tourist hotel, other people will stay in the neighborhood where they live. Again, many vacation rentals are grouped together with other vacation rental structures, so even if you live on an ordinary ranch where nobody thinks it’s a tourist hangout, there’s a tourist ghetto’. Maybe.

Clearly a dangerous strategy in terms of quality (and in some cases safety), participating in the Couchsurfing revolution not only interacts with the locals but sleeps in a spare bed, so you are completely immersed in the culture. It’s a very effective way to do it. , On their sofas, on their floors, while they still live there. is the main website for this practice and a huge and growing travel strategy if the sheer volume of options is any indication.

Local activities such as bar and restaurant meetings are also held. Users, as expected, tend to distort young, adventurous, if not strange, creepy people based on their site name. In other words, it seems that it has not changed to a drift website. When speaking about 23,000 options in one city alone, stereotypes tend to decline relatively quickly. is a portal where you can select local adventures in a particular city. This is the best way to get a good idea of ​​the region without impacting purchase-biased ads or sellers. The website offers very high-quality images with location descriptions, equipment, and actionable activities. Don’t forget to check the weather!

Another option is Airbnb. We’ve discussed this before. Airbnb can be thought of as a hybrid of vacation rentals and Couchsurfing sites. This is because the site lists both very upscale villas and the “sleep in someone’s spare bedroom” option.

The best way to access local culture is often to invite people to their own personal cultural experience, based on their interests and passions. This was my goal over time-strategy. Below is an example of how I get this to work. All you have to do is plug in your own interests, figure out where and how to make your first contact and you are on your way. Some have been associated with my own long rowing association and have given me many unique experiences.

Sit around a locked boathouse and look outrigger canoes while visiting Hawaii’s (now gone) rowing club and see a full day riding session with a local semi-pro wave rider and outrigger canoe. Was done

When I asked a friend in a Spanish boathouse about local surfing, he yelled at a colleague that I love surfing. I liked the famous Mundaka break within hours.

A small guitar stuffed in the back of a rental car in Punta Arenas, Venezuela, resulted in a local request for playing it, followed by an invitation to a massive gymnasium party for local individuals.

A fairly serious interest in photography can open doors; taking nice photos of local individuals and kids and then showing them the images gave me countless fruitful introductions. Even something as simple as getting your children to playgrounds instead of expensive theme parks can offer tremendous opportunities to meet local individuals.

With all these, the rule is that when you are ready to show and share a little bit of yourself, how you like to live your own life, many people become much more interested in sharing with you how they live their lives. You can’t walk around with your metaphorical arms folded and expect to be welcomed with open arms. Give a little, sometimes get a little or a lot.

A small guitar was packed behind a rental car in Punta Arenas, Venezuela, and we were asked to play it locally, then invited to a large gymnasium party for local individuals.

Quite serious interest in photography can open the door. Taking wonderful pictures of the locals and children and showing them images made a lot of fruitful introductions. Even as easy as taking children to a playground instead of an expensive theme park can offer a great opportunity to meet locals.

All these rules tell you how you want to spend your life when you’re ready to show yourself a little and share more, and how many people will share with you how you live your life It means getting interested. You can’t walk around with figurative arms and expect to be welcomed with your hands open. Give a little, sometimes get a little Se or more.

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