5 Ways Cool Pocket Knives Can Be Life Savers

5 Ways Cool Pocket Knives Can Be Life Savers

Being used to or thinking about carrying pocket knives is not a regular occurrence, and yet it should be. There are so many ways that a pocket knife can be useful to you in your daily lives. You can eliminate the nuisance of everyday annoying tasks with a simple blade. If you haven’t tried it yet, here are some awesome things cool pocket knives can help you with:

  • Electrical and mechanical work – how many times do you face a sudden need to fix a faulty junction box or change a few wires? In the house, quite a lot probably, and in your tool shed as well. Pocket knives are handy tools that double as screwdrivers, wire-cutters, and multipurpose blades.
  • Cooking and slicing – when you are in the kitchen, any amount of knives is few to count when you get cooking. To tackle that problem, it’s a smart idea to keep a Cool Pocket Knives You can handle peeling small fruits, crack nuts, crush garlic, or open food cans with ease.
  • Traveling – there are instances when you are on the road or traveling to another place where you don’t have access to all amenities. You can use your pocket knives to cut hair and nails, and even cut loose threads from clothing. It can be used as a grooming tool for instances where you don’t have a razor.
  • Camping and outdoor missions – one of the few times you are left with limited devices are on camping trips. Using a pocket knife for foraging herbs, preparing food, making firewood, and propping tents save time and energy.
  • Self-defense and protection – being on your own or finding yourself in a dangerous situation is a vulnerable spot to be in. It is always a good idea to keep a pocket knife close to tackle any unsavory problem that might come up. There are multiple ways a small blade can protect you from robbers or predators, especially if you’re a woman.

What Kind Of Pocket Knives Are There?

Knife enthusiasts and regular users already know the kinds of knives that are helpful to us and why they’re important. For the people who have never used any blades in their daily lives, it might be a surprise to you. Whatever the case may be, it helps to know exactly what tool you can get and how it is helpful.

●      Manual Folding Knives

This is the simplest form of pocket knives that you will find in the market. They are usually small blades that are clasped in a wooden or metal handle and have sharp edges. These knives have movable blades that fold into their handles and can be easily opened when needed and closed back up.

●      Spring Assisted Knives

This is the fancier and faster version of the humble manual folding knife. As suggested by the name, spring assisted pocket knives in having their blades clasped inside the handle. Except the blade is held by a spring that helps you open it with a single hand click.

●      Fixed Blade Knives

Unlike their flexible counterparts, fixed blade knives are small blades that are attached to their handles. They don’t fold into themselves and need a protective sheath to keep them from damage.

What Is The Best Pocket Knife For Regular Use?

●      Tac Force Pocket Knife Red Spring Loaded Knife Bottle Opener:

as established before, pocket knives are quite multi-functional. This one is an excellent example of that sort of handy tool. It comes with a built-in bottle opener, ideal for kitchen or outdoor use.

●      Elk Ridge Manual Pocket Knife Stockman Knife Stone Mother of Pearl:

If a pocket knife is your only companion during traveling or out of the house, you can never have too many blades. This manual pocket knife features 3 different lengths of blades used as utensils, rope cutters, groomers, and screwdrivers.

●      Tactical Pocket Knife MTech Spring-Assisted Knife Red:

Attempting daily life hacks to make your life easier requires some good tools. This tactical knife is made for extended use and varied functionalities. It has a pocket clip; a built-in LED light, a cutter, and a bottle opener all in one knife. Whether you keep it in your car or your house, it will save the day somehow.

●      Karambit Knife 8 Inch Spring-Assisted Knife Black:

If the only thing you are carrying is a small knife, it’s better to be the best one you can buy. This karambit knife is ideal as a nifty tool to take. It has a curved blade that’s good enough to cut through wood, rope, meat, and other tough materials. It also has a finger ring at the end that makes it easier to hold or suspend from your bag.

Where to Find Cool Pocket Knives For Sale?

We’ve discussed what and why but let’s look at the where. There are plenty of local weapon and tool shops that carry good pocket knives for daily use. But if you look online, you can probably find a better collection of everyday and tactical knives that are super helpful. PAKnives is one such online knife retail store that has everything you need.

There are more than hundreds of options to choose from and creative designs made for specific tasks. Additionally, you can also buy cheap knives at relatively lower rates than the market. Unlike other retailers, PA Knives offers a large range of wholesale knives superior in quality and affordable in rates.

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