6 Key Benefits of In House Online Ordering System for Restaurants

6 Key Benefits of In House Online Ordering System for Restaurants

People prefer to order their favorite food online these days. This trend has gained ground even before the onset of COVID-19 across the world. As a result, many restaurants have offered online ordering facility to their customers. In this corona age, customers prefer contactless delivery or take away, and the Online Food Ordering System can help them place orders with comfort and convenience. 

As per the Yelp Economic Average report, the popularity of deliveries has increased 300 times since the COVID-19 crisis. Restaurateurs, who are looking to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their business, count upon an online food ordering system. This option is better than listing your restaurant on a third-party aggregator platform because an in-house online food ordering system is more profitable and beneficial for your business. 

Here are the top six benefits of an in-house online ordering system for your restaurant business. 

Six Noteworthy Benefits of In-house Online Ordering System

  • No Commission, Only Profits

All third-party aggregators charge around 25% commission per order. Though these aggregators can help restaurants increase sales and customer base, a major part of the restaurant’s profit goes as a commission. Customers also know this fact very well, and therefore, 70% of customers prefer to order directly from restaurants instead of third-party services. Either having a dedicated food ordering app or a website with built-in payment options can enable restaurants to avoid huge commissions per order and boost their profits. 

Also, a readymade online food ordering system facilitates restaurants to get relevant web traffic over the period. 

  • Customer Data Access

This is one of the biggest benefits of the in-house online ordering system. Customer data is highly valuable for every industry and the restaurant sector is no exception! Third-party aggregators do not share customer data with their restaurant partners and build their brands on the basis of such data. Third-party aggregators analyze the restaurant customer’s data to know their ordering patterns and other trends. A recent survey has revealed that 43% of restaurant owners are of the opinion that third-party apps (or aggregators) interfere with a direct relationship between a restaurant and customers as they withhold the customer’s data.

This issue can be resolved by having an in-house ordering system integrated with the POS system as you can get the customer’s personal data including their names, mobile numbers, and ordering patterns.  

  • Cost-effective and Efficient Marketing

When it comes to promoting your restaurant, aggregators charge a hefty amount for using their platform. You need to pay a lot of bucks for increasing visibility and the number of orders through third-party platforms. But, if you have an in-house online ordering system, you can easily place a banner on the home screen for promoting your restaurant and today’s delicacy along with other promotional offers. 

It is fair to mention that the number of orders received by the restaurant is directly related to its popularity, quality of food, and services. By offering an online food ordering facility, you can get an edge over your competitors and promote your restaurant in a cost-effective way. 

  • No Scope for Errors

You need to hire a person for receiving the customer’s calls for orders. Here is a chance of human errors because of miscommunication or other reasons. With the in-house online food ordering system and integrated POS, there is no scope for such mistakes. You can get rid of changing the menu manually. All you need to update the POS system and your digital menu will be updated accordingly. Your customers can see the updated menu on their smartphones or laptops instantly and they will not place an order for any out-of-stock food item. It improves your customer services and overall ordering experience. 

  • Personalized Delivery Experience

As per a survey, 33% of consumers revealed that they would be willing to pay a higher fee for faster delivery. When you have an online ordering system in place, you can improve your delivery service and ensure that your customers can get the delivery of their favorite food items on time. What’s more, the online ordering app with user-friendly features can offer a personalized experience to your customers as they can see the status of their orders and get notifications regarding special offers on a regular basis. It is easy to keep your managers and customers updated about the order status using the food ordering system. 

  • Focus on Safety and Hygiene

These days, people remain cautious about the quality and hygiene of food like never before. When the entire ordering process is automated, you can focus more on the safety, quality, taste, and hygiene of food. Unlike the traditional way of getting orders, the online method is automated and more convenient for your customers and staff alike. Also, though you pay a hefty commission to the third-party aggregators, you may have no idea about the food quality at the time of delivery as you cannot contact the customers directly. It is observed that a few third-party food aggregators do not pay attention to the customer experience and food quality at the time of delivery. With an in-house food ordering system, you can get rid of all these issues and enhance the customer experience. 

Concluding Lines

An in-house food ordering system can take your restaurant business to a new level by offering you complete control over the process. You can satisfy your customers and earn more profit over the period. It is fair to mention that an in-house food ordering system can help you deal with increasing competition in the restaurant sector in the coming days. 

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