7 Ways To Customize Your Car While on a Tight Budget

7 Ways To Customize Your Car While on a Tight Budget

Customize Your Car While on a Tight Budget | Modifying your car is a way for you to get much more value from it than you would normally be able to. First, you get to improve its visuals. Second, you get to tune it up and help it unlock its own hidden potential. Both of these things allow the vehicle to exceed its previous cost, which means that you also grow its resale value. Even without the immediate reward of being able to sell it easier and at a better price, there’s the fact that you, yourself, will enjoy driving it much more immensely. If you have a small car accident you can make your car look even better than before. However, does this always cost so much, and is it possible to customize your car while on a budget? Let’s find out!

1.      Nosing

One of the most uncommon car customization methods is definitely nosing. This is the concept of improving the front of your car by removing the factory insignia. While some people find special pride in driving a certain brand, the thing is that by nosing you will achieve two great advantages. First, your vehicle will stand out by being unique. Second, it will drive more attention. Some people will focus hard on it, noticing that something is different without being able to tell what. Others will try extra hard to figure out the vehicle itself.

2.      Interior LED lighting

Those interested in changing the general driving experience might want to invest in interior LED lighting. This is the simplest way to make driving your car feels like driving a spaceship. Most importantly, do not attempt to do this on your own. A botched installation of these lights will cause damage to your car, which means that, instead of increasing the price, you risk lowering it. Also, make sure that the glow is not too intense so that it doesn’t distract you or lower your visibility while driving.

3.      Change the upholstery

Another great idea for enhancing the interior of your car lies in changing its upholstery. This is a pivotal car detailing service, that would give your car a disproportionate increase in ROI. You see, the seats of your car are one of the largest surfaces on your vehicle. Even with tinted glass, they’re also visible from the outside. Going for a brand-new upholstery can make even a used car feel like new. Now, consider the idea of doing more than just upholstery. Previously we talked about installing indoor LED lighting and by combining these two methods your car can undergo a complete transformation.

4.      Wrapping and racing stripes

As far as the exterior (bodywork) of your cargoes, there are several things you can do to transform it. The biggest impact can be achieved by going for wrapping and racing stripes. The big choice you’ll have to make here is whether to go for paint or vinyl. The paint is simple and it’s quite durable. In fact, it lasts as long as the paint on your car would normally last. The biggest downside, when compared to vinyl, is that you can’t remove it as easily. Vinyl stripes, on the other hand, are simple to install and there is a great variety of colors to choose from.

5.      Neon Ground FX

Lastly, going for LED lights is not the only way in which illumination may customize your car. Technically speaking, going for this method is also a safe investment, seeing as how it will ensure that your car is always visible on the road. Just make sure that this particular improvement is legal in your respective region. Even if it is completely legal, don’t be surprised (or alarmed) if this improvement causes you to be pulled over by cops more frequently.

6.      Change the steering wheel

Upgrading your steering wheel is one of the simplest ways to change how you perceive your car. There are two main reasons behind this. First, due to its position, your steering wheel is always in your field of vision. Second, you’re constantly keeping your hands on the steering wheel. This is one of the reasons why a unique texture and use of uncommon material may completely change the way you experience your car. In other words, changing the steering wheel will appeal to your tactile senses, as much as it is a visual upgrade.

7.      Phone holder

A lot of people already use their phones for GPS and other car-related services. Why not make this concept simpler, safer, and more effective by getting a practical and innovative phone holder? Three key rules when choosing and installing a phone holder is that it should be attached to the central place of the car, that it should be within the driver’s reach, and that it fits the phone model you use. As for the visuals, you have the freedom of choosing whatever you like. Ideally, you would go for s\omething that matches the color palette of your car’s interior.

In conclusion

The last thing you need to understand is that vanity upgrades should never go to the forefront. No matter how inexpensive, skipping a necessary service or a repair for your car to install one of the above-listed upgrades is just an outright horrible idea. Additionally, if you neglect the maintenance of your car, you will seriously limit its visual potential, as well. It’s not just that the dirt and mud may cover some of these upgrades, it’s also about the fact that negligence of your car tends to visually lower its value.

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