8 Romantic Getaways for Couples in Queensland

8 Romantic Getaways for Couples in Queensland

Romantic Getaways for Couples in Queensland is an ideal place full of different opportunities for couples. Whether you like adventures, calm days at the beach, or peaceful romantic dinners, Queensland has to offer it all.

So, if you’re planning on surprising your partner with romantic getaways, Queensland is the perfect place for that. Are you out of the ideas where you should take your lover? Check out these 8 unique spots you and your significant other would adore!

8 Romantic Getaways are:

1. Private paradise

Who wouldn’t like to spend time on a private island surrounded by the azure skies and deep blue sea? Sign me up! Where can you reach such perfection? Bedarra Island has to offer that and many more!

Believe it or not, this tropical island allows a maximum of 18 guests at any time, scattered around 10 magnificent villas. Those houses are located within the 45 hectares of rainforest that contributes to the magical summer feeling.

Some people may wonder that such luxury has a huge impact on the planet Earth and Mother Nature. However, this secluded resort is created in the most sustainable way possible, leaving no impact on the Coral reef, but surely leaving an impact on you!

2. Explosive sights

Have you ever wondered what a real-life volcano looks like? This is a perfect opportunity to explore mysterious ways of the Earth with your significant other. Have your romantic adventures taken to another level, literally, by visiting the Mt Quin can Crater Retreat!

It’s an only-couples sanctuary containing unique and interesting tree houses with magnificent views. They are located on the slopes of an extinct volcano. How exciting!

Grab a hamper and explore nature with your loved one. If you need additional adrenaline pumping through your veins, consider watching a beautiful sunrise over the rolling hills from a hot air balloon. It will feel like one of your most passionate kisses!

3. Heart reef

Feeling touristy? It’s time to discover the natural wonders your own country is hiding!

Many tourists from all over the world Whitsundays to take a peek at the heart-shaped reef that impressed so many couples and lovers. Sadly, no diving is allowed, however, no one is stopping you from enjoying the fantastic view.

Don’t miss the chance to hop on the plane and indulge in the scenic view over the gorgeous heart reef. Who knows, maybe this romantic place will have sentimental value if you ask or get asked that special question?!

4. Rainforest hideaway

Are you looking for a perfect intimate place where the calming sounds of the rain will make you fall deeper in love? Then Sunshine Coast and Narrow Escape Rainforest retreat are the places you’re looking for!

This hideaway contains six adorable pavilions with private areas only for the two of you. Dive your teeth into fresh croissants each morning, put on a bathrobe, and watch your favorite films. You can also sit by the log fire or soak into the saltwater rock pool or double spa bath.

In case you need something more dynamic, you can always join one of many food and drinks sampling tours where you’ll get a chance to taste the local cuisine. Explore nature and don’t miss the unique art gallery in Montville’s village.

5. Open skies spa

Breathe in the fresh air and soak up the sun while enjoying the magnificent view of the rolling hills in front of you. Sounds like a true rest for the mind and body? Well, you’ve only scratched the surface! Allure Stanthorpe is an exclusive retreat for lovers who want to indulge in a romantic getaway.

Cuddle up in the outdoor heated spa while having a perfect view of the night skies and shining stars. If you’re feeling spoiled, opt for the luxurious only-for-couples villas that will complete your enjoyment. On the other hand, if you feel like reconnecting with nature and awakening your inner child, book an authentic tent with an eco-friendly experience.

Don’t neglect the activities they offer, and hop on the cycling tour to get to know this special Stanthorpe retreat.

6. Love at the lakeside

Are you in the mood to fall in love with your partner and life all over again? Pay a visit to Eumarella Shores, and have a perfect relaxing vacation away from the crowds. While most couples rather choose the beach, stay away from the noise and salty water, and pick a calmer, less-touristy spot,

Take your significant other to the otherworldly place- Lake Weyba that’s surrounded by 50 acres of unspoiled nature. Hop in the canoe for two and recreate some of the most romantic scenes from the film The Notebook.

Your partner will surely appreciate romantic gestures such as playing an acoustic guitar and singing by the beautiful lake on your private deck.

7. Romantic getaway in the middle of the city

You don’t feel like leaving Brisbane, but you’d like to surprise your significant other with a romantic getaway? Say no more! This fantastic city has to offer a wide range of different magical places, but one is like no other. Book a romantic weekend in the backstreets of Brisbane’s New Farm, and enjoy the pleasant experience away from the crowd.

It’s a tucked-in hotel with a marvelous patio ideal for romantic lunch and dinner dates. Don’t forget to complete the atmosphere and order the most beautiful Brisbane flowers. Have some of the most beautiful Aussie flowers delivered straight to your lover’s arms.

Hop on the rooftop bar, sip tasty cocktails and try out sustainable Vietnamese fusion food created with organic and fresh products.

8. Fairy-tale escape

Believe it or not, fairy tales do exist and the Mouses Houses are existing proof of that. Escape into the magical rainforest just one hour away from the Gold Coast, and step your foot into a secluded part of the rainforest.

Book a romantic getaway in the wooden chalet with a triangle spa and wood fire that seem like they are out of this world. Sip tasty wine and melt delicious chocolate in your mouth, while relaxing with Swedish massages.

If you’d like to visit the Gold Coast with your family, there are numerous activities you can also do. You don’t have to limit yourself to the beach only. There is a wide range of activities that will sweep you off your feet.


Romance isn’t dead. It lives within us and is awoken in some of the most romantic places in Queensland. You don’t have to go far away from home to enjoy magnificent sights and romantic dinners prepared with fresh and organic groceries.

Find your perfect romantic getaway and take your significant other for an unforgettable adventure away from the crowds and noise. It’s a perfect opportunity to grow closer together and spend some time away from your routines.

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