How to Cleanse the Intestines of Toxins?

How to Cleanse the Intestines of Toxins?

You can often hear or read that toxins are the cause of most diseases, and therefore, having cleared the body of them, we will not only experience incredible ease and lose a certain number of kilograms, but also get rid of many diseases. And delighted with such a tempting prospect, many people thoughtlessly rush to cleanse the intestines, experiencing a variety of folk or medical cleansing methods.

Yes, toxins are a poison for the body, from which you need to get rid of (or even better not to accumulate). But it must be remembered that most of the cleansing programs are aimed at healthy people, those who, besides toxins, have no other health problems.

But if you are one of those healthy lucky ones who can afford to cleanse the intestines without prior consultation, still be careful and choose the most delicate ways to cleanse the intestines from a variety of different methods. One must thing you should start with is a regular workout and working towards your fitness. Being a newbie, you should take lessons to wrap sprained ankles to sustain any injuries while working out.

Here is how many essential things affect cleansing on toxins from intestines:

Even the mildest of them can be addictive, and for many people, over time, regular bowel movements become impossible without them. However, these funds enjoy enviable authority not only among those who suffer from constipation, but also among those who want to quickly lose kilograms. Why? Because they are convenient and easy to use – take a pill and the problem is solved. But this is in the short term, and in the future, there may be unpleasant consequences described in the first sentence of this paragraph.

It is also better to resort to this remedy only in case of the most extreme necessity and not more often than once a week. It should be remembered that the enema not only helps to remove the accumulated faeces from the body, at the same time the beneficial microflora is washed out of it and even the intestinal functions are weakened.

What to do?
First of all, try not to burden your body with fatty and fried foods, try to exclude soda, fast food, snacks, etc. If you eat a balanced and varied diet, and also drink at least 1.5 liters of still water a day, then you can once every six months, for preventive purposes, dispense with a non-radical clean intestine using one of the traditional methods.

This will be quite enough to remove toxins from your almost pure body. It is recommended to practice bowel cleansing after holiday feasts (for example, after the New Year), when most of us allow ourselves to relax and overeat delicious, but not always healthy food. And, by the way, bowel cleansing is recommended for people who are already 30 years old.

Best Practices
Bran Cleansing. In general, fiber is very beneficial for the intestines (which is why cereals and fresh vegetables and fruits should be present in your daily diet). Bran contains a large amount of fiber, and in addition have a choleretic effect, which activates digestion. They perfectly absorb toxins, remove toxins, food debris, and microbes. It is important that they are absolutely harmless to the body, easy to use, and sold in every pharmacy and even supermarkets.

The recipe is simple: three times a day, eat two tablespoons of bran with a glass of water. You need to do the procedure one hour before a meal for a month.

Flax seeds: It is also a fairly simple and effective remedy. Brew a teaspoon of flax seeds with a glass of boiling water and leave for 5 hours. Have a drink before bed. Repeat the procedure for a week.

Raw vegetables: As mentioned, they contain a lot of fiber, which is necessary for a good bowel cleansing. Prepare the following salad: white cabbage, carrots, bell peppers, celery root, green apples and herbs. Season the salad with a spoonful of olive oil, add a little salt. Drink green tea or still mineral water.

Herbal teas: Perfectly improves intestinal motility tea from mint and chamomile, and, in addition, this composition perfectly calms the nerves. Drink tea at least three times a day throughout the month.

Solyanka hill: A very useful herb for cleansing the intestines and liver, it also provides the heart with potassium and prevents kidney stones. Pour one teaspoon with a glass of boiling water and let it brew for 2-3 hours, drink in the evening before going to bed. The course is for 2 weeks.

Final Words

And remember, whatever method of cleansing you choose, do not forget about moderate physical activity. And the figure will be beautiful and timely and safe cleansing from toxins. But strict diets can only harm the body, because very often it is they that provoke the development of a variety of diseases.

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