How to Laundry Delicate Clothes

How to Laundry Delicate Clothes

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Most laundry experts recognize silk, lace, fine knits, velvet, and other lightweight fabrics as delicates clothes. If you have these delicate fabrics, ensure that you will provide the proper and careful handling to maintain their shape, appearance, and make them last long

We have prepared a quick guide on how to laundry delicate clothes. Give them the special care they need.

Read the Cloth Label

We have to know the proper instructions on how to laundry our clothes to prevent them from ruining them. Our clothes have tags where you can check their specific care labels. Some delicate fabrics need dry cleaning or hand washing.

It is tricky to wash delicate clothes with the washing machine. It depends on the material of the clothes, you can either hand wash or clean them as long as you are following the washing instructions. However, if you are in doubt, it is best and safe to hand wash them.

Sort Delicates by Type

Before we do the laundry, it is a must to sort our clothes by color and soil level. But, we should do this too with our delicate clothes. We have to sort them by type. Delicate clothes are fragile they can easily stretch, snag, or lose their shape when washing.

Do not mix clothes lace articles with clothes that have sequins. The sequins will snag the lace and damage your favorite lace wear. If your delicate clothes have buttons, zippers, or clips make sure to keep them fastened to reduce the chance of snags, stretch, or pinholes.

Pre-Treat Stains Immediately

Stains are our best enemy when it comes to our favorite clothes, especially the delicate ones. As soon as you spilled food or drinks on your clothes, or notice a stain, pre-treat them immediately.

If you have a pre-treat spray, you could quickly apply it to where the stain is on your clothes. But, if you do not have the pre-treat spray, you could use the common household items in your kitchen.

You can pre-treat oil-based stains, grass, and beverage stains with liquid dishwashing soap. Run cold water on the area, place an adequate amount of dishwashing soap, and gently rub it.

Moreover, you can use lemon, diluted white vinegar, or baking soda to remove stains on white clothes. Commercial stain removers on silk items may worsen the situation. Always be cautious about pre-treating your clothes as it could blot the stain and make it worse.

When pre-treating gently dab and rub on the stained area. But, if you are dealing with a heavy stain, it would be best to soak the stained area on a stain remover for five minutes before you will gently rub the area.

If you are about to wash the clothes right away after pre-treatment, lay the clothes on a clean, white towel. Let it dry completely before hand washing the clothes.

Hand Wash Them

It is best to wash delicates by hand. Although you could do it with a washing machine for clothes that could be dry cleaned, you need to be careful in doing so.

Use a clean container in hand washing and rinsing your delicate clothes. Do not use hot water in washing your clothes. You will be burned and the clothes may shrink or their color will fade. Use cold water or warm water to easily dissolve the detergent. Ensure that you are only adding the right amount of detergent to avoid residues.

Handle the clothes carefully. Take extra care with lace, sequins, and the like as they can be easily damaged when mishandled.

Undergarments Need Special Care

Women bras are one of the undergarments that need special care. It is made of several elements that need special attention when washed, it has bendable closures, shaping elements, paddings, and underwires. Your undergarments are easily tangled with other clothes in the load. So, it is better to hand wash and give them the same care with the other delicate clothes you have. Help your undergarments maintain their shape and make them last longer.

You can follow these expert tips for washing delicate clothes. However, if you are in doubt, you can always call for a maid service to have an expert do the laundry for you.

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