Is there any bilingual programmes are available in Singapore for international students?

Is there any bilingual programmes are available in Singapore for international students?

If you are looking for bilingual programmes then Singapore can be a great place to commence your education. Here you will find plenty of Chinese- English bilingual programmes offered by established institutes. The qualifications offered in these two languages cater to business knowledge and provides a strong foundation for those planning to make their career in business. 

The programme is suited to anyone whose first language is Chinese or who have a valid proof of proficiency in Chinese. This way you will be trained to tackle various business operations using bilingual language. It will help you to not only understand the business context of conducting and managing operations but will also help you understand the cultural component of cross-border trade. 

LSBF Singapore is an established educational institute in the country offering a host of programmes in bilingual language. Their Chinese- English bilingual programmes cover a range of subjects that are pivotal to the arena of business and management. Here is a breakdown of their Chinese programmes.

You can choose to learn Chinese courses at LSBF Singapore to give traction to your professional career. A richly detailed curriculum, structured topics and plenty of training are some of the key advantages of these programs.

Business Studies– Focuses on offering valuable business knowledge and skills that are pivotal for career growth. You can opt for Certificate in Business full time in Mandarin, Diploma in Business Administration part-time in Mandarin. Advanced Diploma (part-time) and Higher Diploma (full-time) in Mandarin. 

Accounting and Finance Studies– Principles related to accounting and finance are taught in this programme which is useful in handling day to day management of financial resources and analysing financial transactions. The programme is offered in Mandarin and has three offerings- Diploma in Accounting and Finance, Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Finance and Higher Diploma in Accounting and Finance. 

Logistic Studies– Operation, planning and sourcing along with logistic and supply chain management are covered in logistic to offer an in-depth understanding of this vast sector.  Students can opt for Diploma in Logistic Supply Chain Management, Advanced Diploma in Global Logistic Supply Chain Management and Higher DiplomaGlobal Logistic Supply Chain Management. All the certificates are offered in Mandarin. 

Hospitality Studies– Gaining competencies that are required in the hospitality sector which includes soft skills like communication and professional skills like management and leadership are covered in this subject. You can choose among Diploma in International Hospitality Management, Advanced Diploma in International Hospitality Management, Higher Diploma in International Hospitality Management and a Diploma in Applied Hospitality Skills. All the programmes are offered in the Mandarin language. 

Workplace English– English is a globally recognised language and it’s highly valued in the business world. There are certain essentials of this language like business jargons and other terminologies that you need to get acquainted with. For those, who are proficient in Mandarin but struggle with English can enrol for this programme. It comes in three forms Basic Workplace Literacy English for Foreigners, Elementary Workplace Literacy English for Foreigners and Intermediate Workplace Literacy English for Foreigners.

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