Is there is gender biases in the education sector of the UK?

Is there is gender biases in the education sector of the UK?

Everyone faces inequality or gender biases and it is seen in every sector. Besides, these gender biases are not always seen in the context of females, but the opposite gender is equally suppressed.  However, in the United Kingdom, this has equal oppression, and it is commonly faced in the education sector, and this has to be tolerated in the education sector, more or less, it was like the survival of the fittest not just while the recruitment period but from the achievement point of view as well.

In addition, it is just not about the dominancy of male gender over female gender but is discussed in the broader context we can see a disparity among the census, which clearly shows that at a different level and position of the educational sector, gender roles are distributed. At some levels, it has been seen that females are given more preference over the opposite gender and vice versa.


When the level of achievement is discussed, it has been observed that the female students are seen scoring higher grading than the male students are. However, according to the census of 2014/2015, it could be seen that in a test about 83 percent of female students were able to perform the given test, whereas about 77 percent of the male students were able to attempt the test and to make it briefer the test taken was from the same age group.

It is not just that in a random test students were able to achieve such percentile. In the GCSE examinations, girls are always scoring higher grades than the boys are. However, in the higher education levels, opposite scenario has been observed, as a female student are less likely to continue their education at the higher education level, it has been reported that about 58% resume their studies after qualifying their college. In addition, this disparity is seen due to the economic conditions of the family. Therefore, a contradictory situation is seen here where more boys are taking admission for higher education rather than girls.

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Other than the educational achievements, when it comes to giving jobs, males are seen to be more likely to get a job, as the curriculum is set likely set up in this manner, and institutes during recruitment give more preference in the selection of the male applicants. They are also referred to get a higher position in the education department, as the head of teachers or as ahead of the department, female applicants are less likely to pursue higher grades for themselves.

However, this just does not ends on the position autonomy but at the educational sector, male teachers are given subjects such as science, technology, mathematics, engineering, and PE, whereas female teachers are found teaching history and languages. Moreover, this creates a state of tension among those students are not comfortable in discussing or communicating with male teachers, and it has been reported that female students tend to believe that their PE teacher being male does not understand the necessity of the female students. Therefore they lack their confidence.

When it comes to appointing teachers, female applicants are found to be adapting to the profession, which involves vocational and managerial aspects. However, these jobs are low paid, but females are seen not that much interested in getting better weightage due to their lack of ability. Therefore, higher posts are offered to male applicants who are believed to have good leading skills and they look professionals, but the uncertainty is that only 18% of the males apply for jobs in the education sector, which leads in the weightage of hiring more female teachers.


The educational sector of the UK where promotes co-education in the world. It is unable to keep aside the sexism from this sector, as the girls studying in the co-education institutes have to face bullying and sexist comments based on their gender from the opposite sex. Whereas, it goes for the boys who are suffering from dysmorphia that has increased over the past years have to face bullying. Although, with the advancement of technology, it has become nearly impossible to avoid sexism still girls complain about being sexualized in the educational institutes. This is the reason for pupils losing their self-confidence, making abrupt decisions, and acting in an improper way.


However, the education sector of the UK should produce new policies and reforms, which could be applied in the educational institutes. Moreover, these reforms and policies should be with strict rules and regulations. First of all, in the aspect of grading, teachers should conduct counseling therapies, which could identify the underlying problems of the students who are weak in their academics, and certain other activities should be introduced which could help in the better scoring for both genders. Moreover, educational institutes should also involve in making better fee structure and policies, so those who are unable to continue their academics due to financial issues can easily access better educational institutes and could continue in taking higher education.

Other than that, the educational sector should also give female applicants a chance to prove themself for a higher position in the educational institutes and should introduce new recruitment plans. Therefore, that could create equality in the positions being offered in the educational institutes and female applicants should be given equal wages that could motivate them towards their work. However, for males, the education sector should widen the subject list, which they could pursue and should be given freedom of choice in the selection of the courses and should not restrict to a particular layout.

Moreover, apart from all the issue of body shaming and sexism should be taken into consideration because it just does not becomes the cause of anxiety and depression, but it leads towards a more contradictory situation as students are found ending up their lives due to being bullied because of their mental disorders or being accused of their gender. New rules and regulations should be introduced on each stage of education, which could put an end on such an unethical aspect of society. Moreover, technology in the education sector should be restricted and should only be used for the necessary purpose.

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