Long list of Services Provided by a Medical Billing Firm

Long list of Services Provided by a Medical Billing Firm

The medical sector is one of those sectors in the world where you can’t afford to make a mistake. The life of the people coming to the medical care facility is totally dependent upon you and that’s why you will always need a better level of concentration.

If you are managing a small medical care facility then you can’t have specialized people for every process and in such cases, the chances of losing concentration on the medical service increase since you start focusing on non-medical operations. But this is not a dead end as you always have the option of outsourcing some parts of your medical care facility to a third party like medical billing service companies.

But before moving to the services of medical billing service companies, it becomes necessary for you to understand the different types of services offered by them and this is what we are going to address in this blog post.

Medical billing vs. Medical coding

Many people think that both medical billing and coding are similar services but this is not true. Coding is related to assigning different types of standard codes to individual services for submitting claims properly and accurately. While on the other side, medical billing is the actual process, submission, and following up of claims.

There are many medical billing service companies that offer both medical billing and medical coding services but then there are those companies that require you to do your coding on your own as well. It is always a better idea to work with a company that provides both the services of billing and coding.

The types of services offered under healthcare billing services:-

Enrollment in the billing system

When it comes to claiming for reimbursement then you will always need the complete information of your patients and this is why the billing companies focus on the enrollment of patients as well. The company must be using some advanced platform for providing the billing service. This is why the billing company electronically enrolls all the patient information gathered from the registration system of the healthcare facility.

In most of the cases, the billing company uses the demographic information and the insurance information of the patient in their system, and thus we can say that enrollment in the billing system is one of the services offered by billing companies.


You should know that the verification of the insurance benefits and patient’s eligibility are the most important parts of a billing process and billing companies are very good at it. If you will choose a professional billing company then you will be able to offload the hassle of verification on them and they will verify the type of plan, policy status, its coverage, and all other aspects of a proper medical billing verification process. This will allow you to reduce the administrative task in your medical facility to a great extent and you can completely focus on the healthcare services rather than being bogged down with the verification process.

Billing and reconciliation of accounts

A good billing company providing healthcare billing services will focus on all the aspects of medical billing and it will include a reconciliation of accounts as well. Even all the phases of medical billing like the collection of monthly bills, self-accounting totals, reconciliation, handling transfers of funds will be managed by the billing company. This type of broad service coverage ensures maximum revenue for healthcare practitioners without dedicating much time and effort.

A medical billing company will take care of every aspect of the billing process and thus you will be able to reduce your focus on administrative tasks and increase your focus on medical services. So ask the type of services provided by your potential medical billing company and get rid of the hassle of billing.

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