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If you are thinking about replacing your roof by yourself. Then there are a few things you need to consider before deciding whether you should opt for professional roof replacement or do it yourself.

Everett Roofing Company


If you have experience in this field then replacing your roof yourself might be a good decision for you. But if you don’t have any experience then it is advised that you don’t do it yourself. Instead, contact Everett Roofing Company. They will send some people who are very experienced in this field and will replace your roof in the best way.

Risk factor:

One thing that cannot be neglected when replacing the roof is that it is a dangerous process. There is a risk of getting yourself injured in tear-off and other roof replacement processes. The thing is that even for professionals it is a dangerous job. This is why they use proper safety equipment, including safety harness systems and roof jacks. If you are not using any of this equipment then you are putting your life at great risk. Instead of this risk contact the Everett Roofing Company and let the professionals take all the risk.


There will always be a difference between replacing your roof yourself and getting a professional to do it. Even if you manage to replace your roof there will still be the difference and that will be of the quality of the work. The techniques that the professional will use will always be better than yours because it is their career and they are getting paid for this job. So why not save time, energy and contact the professionals from Everett Roofing Company and get the work done which meets your expectations and standards. Rather than regretting that why did you do it yourself.


If you are replacing your roof by yourself then the only warranty that you can avail of is the one that is provided by the manufacturer. If unfortunately, you make a mistake while installing the roof then it won’t be covered under the warranty. On the other hand, if you choose a professional to replace your roof, then any damage due to improper installation will be covered by the company. Even though replacing it yourself is cost-effective for most people but it is not worth risking yourself or getting it fixed if you aren’t able to complete it or something goes wrong.

Proper techniques:

The roof is one of the most important components of your home. Protecting your family and your possessions from the harshest of weather. Contacting the professionals is the safest way to a secure and durable roof in the future because the following are the mistakes that people overlook while doing it themselves.

  • Incorrectly installed starter shingles. A starter section of shingles must be installed along your eaves or water can quickly invade the sheathing.
  • Improper valley flashing installation. Your valleys are the most vulnerable areas of your roof. If the metal flashing isn’t installed correctly, water will run under the shingles.
  • Improper nailing. Shingles need to be nailed down properly and in the correct place. Driving nails into or above the adhesive strip can allow water to penetrate under the shingles.
  • Incorrect amount of shingle exposure or overhang. Standard shingles should have 5″ exposure. Too much exposure and the shingles will be blown off in high winds; too little exposure makes the shingles vulnerable to water. The edge of the shingles should also overhang the roof by 1-1.5″ or up to 3/4″ if you have drip edge flashing. If there is too little overhang, water will reach the fascia boards. Too much overhang makes the shingles vulnerable to wind. 


Keeping the above mention points in your mind it is better to contact professionals from Everett Roofing Company to replace your roof. So that you have a roof that is the best, durable, and up to your standards.

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