The ways to improve the number of Google reviews 

The ways to improve the number of Google reviews 

Google reviews play an important role to grow your business and one of the most important factors to get more business is this and if you get a positive review from the customers that will get your website ranked on Google and generate new customers you and according to the studies we have found that around 65% of the customers read the reviews of the product and services and they purchase them. In the article today we will be speaking about the ways that can help us to get more and more reviews from our customers and not only the reviews but the positive reviews and these will definitely give us an amazing conversion rate too yes that’s why digital marketing is necessary for us there we will learn so many things enroll for the course today at dg royals the best digital marketing institute in Delhi.

We as business owners must take care of our customers always and to get positive reviews from our customers, we really need to work really hard to give our customers the best products and services and then only we can think of getting some good reviews from our customers. Let’s discuss a few of the ways that can accelerate our growth and give us a huge customer base.

The Two steps to improve the number of Google Reviews. We have some amazing ways which can help to accelerate your business growth and get more reviews on Google My Business

  1. Create an Account on Google My Business

The First step a business owner should take is to create a Business account on Google My Business and while creating your GMB account fill all the details accurately and write the form properly so that no part of the form is left empty. It’s important to provide all the information correctly and this would help you to get a better rank on Google My Business and Local Business and once you start appearing on Google Maps this can grow your business tremendously. Creating an account on Google My Business is a simple way you just need to go on the Google My Business page fill in all the details and establish your business location on Google Maps and add your business to the Google Link. Mention all the vital details like address, business name, timings, description of the product and services. While filling in the details make sure you write the correct and accurate details. 

  1. Get Your Google My Business account Verified

Once you have created your Google My Business account the second step is to get it verified and this is one of the major reasons to provide your accurate contact information and get your account verified. There are a few options that Google offers for verifying your account and these options are A postcard with a verification code sent in the mail, a phone call, a text, or an email, and with the help of these methods, you can verify your account. The most common option used by Google for account verification is the postcard. Once you get your profile verified now you are ready to optimize your Google my business account and get more and more reviews on your business account.

The Ways of Getting more Google Reviews

1) Creating a Shortcut of Google Review Link

The first way is to create a shortcut of the Google Review link and so that the customers find it easy to access and the customers with just one click reach the page and write a review for your brand

2) Also, Design a Google review page on your website 

Google reviews can be extremely effective and powerful, so adding Google reviews on your website will give you visibility and also improve the chances of conversion. Your website should have the ability to add a Google review widget that is easily accessible by your customers and they go through the reviews easily with just one click when the website is well designed and review page too so definitely user interaction well be superb and engage chances been good that’s why I recommended you join dg royals they are providing digital marketing course in Delhi.

3) Apply your Google review widget in the footer of your website

In the Digital Marketing industry Call to Action has a lot of importance and it is also known as CTA and its role is to actually correlate the actions of your audiences. The CTA will remind the customers who visit your website and ask for their reviews and this will happen when you add the widget to the footer of your website and you can also link your widget to the reviews page.

4) Request for an in-person Review

It is one of the most effective ways of getting reviews from your customers and it’s not a difficult task at all. If you personally request a customer to share their reviews on your website and if they are happy with your products and services they will definitely leave a review on your page and also in return you should offer them some amazing benefits and discounts when they would need your service and also guide them the way to your review page and how they can write a review.

5) Request a Digital review

You can request the reviews digitally as you can ask for the customer’s reviews, you can email them asking for the review also you can use various social media platforms and request for their reviews and this is also an effective way to ask for the customer’s reviews and an easy way to connect with them.

6) Always acknowledge and respond to the Google Reviews

You should always reply to all the reviews you have received on Google whether it’s positive or negative. It is really important to acknowledge the customer reviews you have received on your account and if you reply to your negative review that would leave a great impact on your customers and they will feel that you care about your customers and next time you want to give a positive experience to them and will change what they have not liked. Addressing your non-satisfied customer is really important.

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