Ultimate guide to Unload a Bike off a pickup truck

Ultimate guide to Unload a Bike off a pickup truck

If you own a motorcycle, taking full care of it like your own kid is an obvious thing for all those who love riding on their bike. Apart from loading it on a truck to carry it along is a task in itself. However, getting your bike loaded on a truck is just half the work done. Unloading the bike off a pickup truck is equally a task. Well, similar to loading a bike, unloading also requires you to follow precision so that the bike doesn’t end up sliding off nor do you get hurt during the process.

So, if you have successfully transported your bike to your place and now at the point of unloading it, that would too need some guidance. The same question comes once more into fore about the space available, size of the bike, whether it is tied down as well as how to unload it comfortably. The most important criterion is understanding how to safely and securely unload the bike without it hurting you in the bargain.

Following the reverse process

As the rule of thumb, the best way to unload a bike is by following the reverse process as that of loading a bike. Well, if you cannot recollect what was the loading process then this blog will surely provide the best guidance. Herein we have explained the step by step process to unload a bike from a pickup truck to ensure the bike doesn’t slide off and have the right equipment to carry out the process.

Where do you want to unload the bike?

The spot where you will park your bike plays an important role. Also, similar to needing a ramp while loading a bike, the same would be necessary when unloading a bike too. So the foremost task is attaching a ramp to the truck bed or the trailer and ensuring the ramp is on an even surface.

One of the benefits of a ramp is it will allow your bike to be damage-free. Also, it will reduce the risk of the bike from tipping off when lowered thereby not damaging your motorcycle. If the ramp is not in a level, pick a tarmac or a block of concrete to park it properly.

Choose an accurate parking spot

You must choose a park that can take the weight of the bike. As per experts, state that it is easy to unload a bike if your truck is backed to an embankment that is of the same height as that of the bike. In this way, you wouldn’t have to opt for a boarding ramp that is too steep, instead, you can lower it gently.

Release the bike

If your bike is attached to ratchet straps, then it is recommended not to break it or cut it as it may be required for attaching the bikes again. Instead, you can go on to loosen the straps around the bike without detaching it completely. In this way, you can re-tie down the bike whenever required. However, if you are worried if the straps would get stolen if left loose then you can fasten them around the hooks of the truck bed. This you can do by using either ordinary bike locks or padlocks.

Open the tailgate

Descending the bike

After you have loosened your bike from the strap, the next step is to lower the tailgate and place the ramp in the right position. By doing so, you can now begin with the actual unloading of the bike from your pickup truck.

If you have properly unloaded the bike from the pickup truck bed, the most important step is descending it by following the right steps. One thing you can do is ask for additional help to carry the bike so the complete load is not on you. You need to position your bike on the stand in the truck bed and then gently bring down your bike down the ramp. If you are opting for a motorcycle transportation service like citizenshipper where you can opt for a driver based on the reviews, you can rest assured that these guys are well trained, and loading your bike is a very easy task for them.

If you have help along you can easily bring it down the ramp.

It is necessary to take it slow and try to move the bike too fast or else it can cause you harm. Moreover, it can also end up causing damage to the bike which can cost you to visit a garage or a store.

Opt for professional assistance

If you find it difficult to carry on the entire task by yourself, you can opt for professional services that offer expert assistance in mounting your bike from the pickup truck. They ensure the bike is not damaged and it is in proper form during the unloading process.

Unloading a bike is easier when all the steps are followed with precision. In addition, taking assistance from experts it becomes even easy to mount your bike and get it ready for an amazing ride.

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