Understanding Microneedling and Its Importance in Beauty Products Industry

Understanding Microneedling and Its Importance in Beauty Products Industry

Having a youthful appearance at every stage of life is the desire of every person but it is not possible because growing old is a universal law. Numerous skin anti-aging techniques are present in the market and inventors are still improvising them. Talking about the most popular skin rejuvenation techniques, laser, IPL, injection fillers and microneedling are the topmost choices of people. Despite their different procedures and costs, one thing is common in every technique and that is collagen. Microneedling starter set is currently among the most common techniques to produce new collagen faster and safely.  This protein plays a significant role in keeping our skin youthful. We will elaborate on collagen in detail here. 

Collagen and its role in younger-looking skin 

Collagen is basically a kind of protein that naturally exists in our body. It usually remains under the epidermis layer of skin. The main purpose of collagen is to keep our skin wrinkle-free. As we grow old, this collagen layer starts depleting which results in fine lines and wrinkles. Things become problematic when these wrinkles start appearing on our face and visible parts of the body. Reversing aging is not possible but its impacts can be harnessed to an extent. Here we are not talking about hiding wrinkles behind a thick layer of makeup. Instead of applying artificial things, it’s better to go with a long-lasting solution. We are talking about stimulating the process of collagen production. This is possible with a microneedle cartridge. Let’s elaborate on the process of micro-needling in detail here. 

What is microneedling treatment?

As the name is illustrating, this is a process of pricking the skin with microneedles. This dermaroller procedure is minimally invasive. You will not feel like injection needles pain but tingling sensation when needles puncture the pores of the skin. Dermatologists call it collagen induction therapy. Pricking with needles causes slight injuries. As a response, our skin fills these punctured holes with collagen-rich tissues. Consequently, you will notice even tone of the skin with better firmness. Even microneedling at home is also possible if you have the right equipment. Some reliable companies like Beauty EQ are selling safe micro needling kits that one can use at home without requiring any professional assistance. 

Microneedling for different skin conditions 

  • Removing old acne scars
  • Filling large skin pores
  • Levelling uneven skin tone 
  • Enhancing skin elasticity 
  • Reducing or eliminating wrinkles
  • Removing sunspots

Why Microneedling is a Better Option Than Other Collagen Induction Techniques

  1. You can expect promising results from this invasive technique whereas light therapy results vary from person to person. 
  2. Microneedling starter set involves less risk as compared to laser and IPL techniques.
  3. Collagen supplements are also available in the market but they are made up of animal’s collagen. 

For faster results with the least possible risk, we always recommend going with the option of microneedling. However, be aware of its negative impacts if you use it in the wrong way. Bleeding, bruising, skin peeling and infections are some major risks to consider. 


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