What is Google Analytics & How it Works?

What is Google Analytics & How it Works?

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a plugin that allows you to track and analyze all of your website traffic. Traffic refers to the visitors to your website. Google Analytics is a must-have tool for anyone looking forward to growing their website with digital marketing. The nest question that probably comes to your mind is “how.” How can you grow your website using Google Analytics? It does it because it enables you to track certain important elements of your website. And, what are those elements? Read below to learn.

Google Analytics enables you to learn the total traffic to your website. You get to know how many visitors you are getting to your website. It does not tell you the total website traffic, but it also informs you about the source of your traffic. It lets you know where they are coming from. For instance, are they directed to your website from Google, Facebook, YouTube, emails, or other social media?

What else you learn is the amount of time they stay on your website. Which pages are they clicking on? It also tells you about the visitors’ information like their age, gender, and demographics. Moreover, you can learn about their locations and lots of other important data.

So, all of this information is extremely important to growing your website in a particular direction. And, having a website without having an extension of Google Analytics is like sailing your ship with a blindfold n. You have no idea where you are going, and you are likely to go in circles without finding a destination. So, if your destination is to make good earning, then it’s important to keep track of what you are doing. Now you know that Google Analytics is important. Let’s move to know how it works.

How Do Google Analytics Work?

Let’s suppose you have a website and the main goal of the website is to sell or promote a product or service and finally earn from it. And you are also running ads of your product on Google, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. So now, you have four different ways from where you can get traffic to your website, and once you install Google analytics and get started with it to help with tracking.

By doing so, you can track wherefrom your visitors are coming from so that you know that what platform or which ad is generating you the most or the least amount of visitors to your website. You would learn whether the video ads are working better than image ads and a lot of other helpful data. And once you started getting visitors on your website, Google Analytics also lets you know where the visitors are bouncing off. For instance, you learn if they are bouncing to the home page or the landing page or the checkout cart so that you know what needs to be improved on your website to keep visitors flowing down the desired funnel to the checkout section. Moreover, you can see statistics about your visitors like their age, gender, and this is how you can target the best majority demographic and grow your website.

You can check your page views. Google Analytics enables you to see a general overview of your website. You can set the time period for which you want to check the overview, for instance, the last seven days or maybe 30 days or 90 days. This helps you learn about your progress and how you are improving every day. You can see how many users are active on your website. You can what are the popular pages on your website in the past few days.

On the left side, under “Reports,” you can find some main areas, including Real-Time, Audience, Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversions. And, you can do a lot of things with Google Analytics like ads and targeting, but to check the page views of your website, you can go to the Real-time tab, and you can see who is looking at your website. It can actually show on a map so that you know people from where in the world are coming to which page of your website.

What comes next is the Audience. The audience is who is looking at your website. Next to the Audience is Acquisition, it shows how they are getting to your website. So you get to know the source. And, the behavior is what your visitors are doing. in the behavior section, you can find an option of All pages. This is a very useful feature of Google analytics as it shows you the overview of all of your website pages in one place.

Final Thoughts

Being able to know your website statistics, you can take better steps to make improvements to your website. Meanwhile, you can learn about the shortcomings of your website. If you want to improve your website or upgrade to a mobile app, you can consult a professional web app or a mobile app development company in Dallas to get things working in your favor.

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