What you need to know before hiring a digital marketing consultant Perth

What you need to know before hiring a digital marketing consultant Perth

If you are serious about positioning your business in Perth, Australia, then a digital marketing consultant Perth is your next step. Unlike traditional marketing plans, digital strategies require special knowledge of the Internet and many of its variants.

And, if you are not a specialist you might get confused with some of the initial terms and conditions. Luckily, you don´t need to become a digital marketing consultant yourself. But there are some facts that you need to know to make sure you make the right decisions, as follows.

  1. Difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing: although both terms refer to marketing strategies, they apply to different fields. In other words, a marketing consultant Perthworks with all the strategies outside the digital world. Among them, newspapers, television, radio, printed, POP material, and similar. On the contrary, a digital marketer´s work is related to the digital and the Internet environment.
  2. 360° digital strategy: when you decide to implement a digital strategy, it is easy to get lost among social networks, video channels, Ads, emails, and similar. Due to that, a digital consultant is the one in charge to determine and recommend the right channel for your campaigns. These specialists use professional tools that offer accurate information to show you which is the best channel and tactic.
  3. Statistics: all the actions that digital consultants carry out are determined by the statistics. However, they are in charge to interpret them and recommend the appropriate steps to leverage them. The combination of great tools and smart thinking is what makes the best digital consultant.
  4. Dynamism: digital strategies are very dynamic. That is because the customers and their behavior are very dynamic too. That makes them very volatile. That means that you need to be ready to cope with constant changes with the tactics and strategies you implement. In this sense, periodic reports are essential to make sure you are always ahead.
  5. It is Ok to spy: online competition is fierce! So are the programs and tactics to spy what your competitors do and don´t do. Although there are limits on what you can reach, there is plenty of information freely available. It is ready to use and leverage. So, don´t get confused if your digital marketing consultant takes action in that direction.

Can traditional and digital marketing strategies work together?

Yes, you can apply both tactics together. However, the relevance and difficulties of digital platforms make digital consultants more necessary. Nowadays, it is common that both types of consultants know the basics of each other´s fields. That is because both tactics are always present in one way or another.

In short, when you opt for hiring a digital marketing consultant Perth it is essential that you differentiate his work from traditional methods. Also, you will understand where the information comes from, so you have a clear idea about its sources.


It would be an understatement to say that the COVID pandemic has resulted in more businesses moving their business online. There are numerous global reports that have published statistics about growth in small and large businesses putting in more money into their online marketing efforts.

This online report on the coronavirusimpact on marketing, ecommerce & advertising gives you great insight into the current scenario.

If you are a person who loves his/her business and wants to see business not just survive but actually grow during the pandemic period then talk to a digital marketing consultant today. Take advice on how they can help your business grow both organically and thru other means.

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